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“Humble” Lyrics:
[Intro: Lori Perry & Lil Baby]
Day after day
Seems like I push against the clouds
(Section 8 just straight cooked this motherfucker up)
They just keep blocking out the sun
It seems since I was born
I've wakened every blessed morning
I been thinkin' to myself lately
Wonderin' did she mean it when she say she hate me?
Or wonderin' did she mean it when she say she wished she didn't keep the baby? (Down on my luck and up against the wind)
[Verse 1]
Told Solid to speed it up, you ain't driving Miss Daisy
Rolls Royce truck plus, yeah, you driving Lil Baby
Hit from the back and grab her neck, it be drivin' her crazy
Ain't work no job since we met, I'm the reason she lazy
I got some checks that I ain't touch, they for Loyal and Jason
Really wanna have a daughter just so I can spoil her
Maybe look at women different
Father God, forgive me, I'ma been sinning for a minute
We bought sticks when it was tension
Fuck that bitch, she want attention
She get famous if I mention
I ain't gon' say her name at allI was just sittin' in prison, damn near livin' like a dog
I remember that shit vividly, I do this shit for y'all
I'm not lookin' for no sympathy, won't cry about no loss
I got demons all on my back and arms, I'm tryna shake 'em off
I can't never fuck with lil' Mill again, he tried to take me off
I can't lie, you was my dawg, I heard that shit, it broke my heart
Can't no nigga say I did somethin' flawed, been solid from the start
Every situation ever happened, Baby played his part
I ain't never did shit to brag about it, I do that shit with honors
In my bag, but I been layin' back, I'm turnin' up this summer
Guess you mad 'cause I've been havin', tellin' hoes I was a runner
If I was, I was the richest runner in Georgia, on my mama
And I ain't never been no worker, had my own number, ask bruh
Seven summers straight we went crazy, called it good luck
I been keepin' my distance, I switched up my number
I done made all these millions, I'm keepin' my hunger
All this food in a big house, my stomach still rumble
Got the ball, I won't fumble
I just touch down, stay humble
I been keepin' my distance, I switched up my number
I done made all these millions, I'm keepin' my hunger
All this food in a big house, my stomach still rumble
Got the ball, I won't fumble
I just touch down, stay humble, yeah
[Verse 2]
Thinkin' 'bout that shit you said, I can't get it out my head
I know that my heart is black, so all my cars' insides is red
I don't wanna argue with no one, let's get this guap instead
I ain't tryna beef with none these niggas 'cause all my opps is dead
If you ever run into police, you better not tell
Turn it up, I might as well, you know I'm so 4PF
'Fore I go, I gotta say what's up to all the bros in jail
I know that they be listenin', I know that he'll be with me
And his lawyer cost one-sixty, I hope they un-convict him when he go back
Follow him with a low jack, then step on him like a doormat
Doin' dirt, can't go back, my mind straight, ain't no slackin'
Guns all in Renee house, you ain't from the hood if you don't know Madison
I been keepin' my distance, I switched up my number
I done made all these millions, I'm keepin' my hunger
All this food in a big house, my stomach still rumble
Got the ball, I won't fumble
I just touch down, stay humble
I been keepin' my distance, I switched up my number
I done made all these millions, I'm keepin' my hunger
All this food in a big house, my stomach still rumble
Got the ball, I won't fumble
I just touch down, stay humble, yeah
#LilBaby #Humble #MyTurn
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